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FAQ – Memphis Student Studios Delay
Why is the dorm completion delayed?
There were a couple of changes during the construction process (namely adding additional layers of fire protection and strengthening the foundations) which caused us to lose our timing window to have things ready for an Aug 13th move in day.
When will they be ready?
They will look largely ready early in the semester but won’t be officially complete until later in the semester. To avoid disruption we decided it was best to have students in Fielders Square accommodation (with some overflow where necessary) for the Fall ’16 semester.

Any change with the new Community Scholarship?

No changes
Where will I be living?
Students will be living in the current student accommodation at Fielder’s Square ( They will be in two bedroom apartments (two students per room) with a kitchen and lounge area.

If necessary there will be overflow housing for returning students in rooms at the Choice Hotel/Econolodge Downtown. It is located 0.1 miles from Visible behind our building. There will be two students per room. Students who prefer to be located here please contact Housing Coordinator Matt Brown ( to register your interest. -1
Who will my roommates be?
You will have the same roommate you were allocated earlier in the Summer and will be paired in your apartment with another pair.
How will I prepare meals?
Fielders Square apartments have full kitchens to prepare meals.
Econolodge will have fridges in the room if desired and access to kitchen facilities at Visible Music College for any meal prep. Breakfast is also included in the breakfast lounge.

In addition the Visible cafe will be launching this Fall for all housing students.

What is happening with parking?

As mentioned previously Visible Memphis doesn’t have any on-site student parking but we have preferred parking relationships with local vendors. You can arrange your own parking or can have a dedicated space with a reduction of the community scholarships (from $500/semester to $250/semester).

Where can I store my stuff while I wait for the new apartments to be ready?

If you are a student in housing who has couches or desks that you’d like to store during the Fall ’16 semester we can store them at Visible Music College.

What do I need to do about furniture?

In preparation for moving into Student Studios at the end of the Fall ’16 semester, it is recommended you only acquire furniture appropriate for those rooms. Each room (at Fielder or Econolodge) comes with closets and beds. Housing students will also have access to 200 Madison for any needed study space in addition to the Visible Cafe.

Any other questions that come up can be emailed to Housing Coordinator Matt Brown (